Sunny Leone Suffered Loss Due to Qatar Government

According to the news, Government of Qatar has cancelled the concert of the Bollywood actress and former porn star, Sunny Leone. This cancellation made a huge loss to the actress. After getting a reputable in porn industry, Sunny entered the Bollywood industry. She has planned to appear in the concert in Qatar on 18th March, but the now government of Qatar are not allowing Sunny Leone to perform in the country. People are perceiving that the concert has been cancelled due to the vulgarity and nudeness but the reality is not that as the reason is the in-compliance of certain documents. According to the statement given by the head of Directorate Culture, Mr. Faleh, the concert was cancelled because the organizer didn’t comply with the rules of their license.

Although, he also said that the concert is not compatible with the Islamic cultural values prevailing in the country and also said that there will no compromise in such cases. Most of the concert have vulgar dancing and inappropriate dresses that are highly against the cultural values and norms of the country. Dubai is different as it is the hub of foreign entertainers. 7,000 tickets have been sold so far for the concert.