Sunny Leone’s Weird Reaction When She Met SRK

Sunny Leone has worked with a lot of actors in Bollywood, but she failed to cap the partnership with the top Bollywood stars till now as she has signed a role in a movie of Shahrukh Khan. There is a perception that Sunny Leone is bold and a confident artist due to her hardcore porn career. But her boldness was absent when she met the Shahrukh Khan. She acted completely opposite as it was expected by the fans. According to her own words, she called herself dork for confronting the superstar weirdly. Shahrukh meet the new Bollywood sensation on the set of his new movie Raees.

Sunny told the media that SRK is really a gentlemen and also a very professional person as opposite to her who was shy and a dork. Sunny also admires the acting achievement of Shahrukh Khan. She told the reason of that shyness that SRK intimidates her.