It has come to the Supreme Court’s notice that Bahria Town has been allocated on illegal land under the Malir Developmental Authority.

Upon instant orders Bahria Town has been told to stop any further development or construction work in a portion of 5786 acres of land. Meanwhile the National Accountability Bureau has been told to continue their investigations and give a complete report by the end of two months. Furthermore, the Sindh Government has been given a verdict to not grant any more lands to this town.

Supreme Court Takes Notice Of The Bahria Town Monopoly

Malik Riaz Responds on Behalf of Bahria

Malik Riaz appears to be least concerned and is denying any such restrain order and says that Bahria Town shall continue its development with out any hurdle . He recently tweeted , “Misreporting of facts regarding Bahria Town Karachi absolutely malicious. SC (Supreme Court) didn’t put any restrictions on develop work by Bahria Town.” He further added ,”Bahria Town will continue all construction-related activities on the consolidated land of 9385 acres. Twisted facts are product of cynical minds .We have been facing this mafia from day one and will continue to do so to safeguard development & investment in Pakistan.”


Although Malik Riaz has been adamant about his disposition and the security of his investors , a positive rebuttal that exists in this whole situation is that Malik Riaz is willing to fight these accusations all the way.

Land grabbing mafia is very much prevalent in this country and Supreme Court has taken notice in order to sort out and stop such crimes from being committed.

Supreme Court Warns MDA


In an interim order submitted to the by the Supreme Court to the Malir Developmental Authority clear orders have been given that if the MDA chooses to further allocate any private land whatsoever, or makes any exchange or garb with Bahria Town, it shall be against the rules and will be considered as a land mafia crime and strict actions will be taken against it. Sindh Government has also been notified to make sure these orders are implemented to avoid any future disasters. The main concern arises that what is to become of Karachi and mainly the investors who have given all their life savings at stake to the trustful name of Bahria Town.