Tahir ul Qadri Corrects Asaduddin Owaisi Leader of Ittehad Ul Muslimeen

Pakistan Awami Tehreek leader Tahir ul Qadri is present in India for Sufism conference. In a meeting he corrects Asaduddin Owaisi who is a member of LOK SABAH and leader of Ittehad Ul Muslimeen on his words about “BAHARAT MATA KI JAI HO” is not forbidden in Islam. He said that people emotionally involved in the nation as they are involved in their mother and they respect and care their nation like their mother. So there is no harm in calling their homeland their mother.

Leader of MIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) has denied to call “baharat mata ki jai ho” and has given a reason for it. The member of Ittehad Ul Muslimeen said that this stanza is not the part of Indian constitution so he will not call for it. Many people has protested against him in India and people has shown hatred towards him. This is not all one of the leader of BJP has announced the reward of 1 Caror on cutting Asaduddin Owaisi tongue.

Upon giving statement to the known channel of India “ABP” He says that everyone loves their home land and are ready to die for its protection, prosperity and betterment and Islam has taught us the same, anyone who talks against it should go through Quran and Sunnah for once.

He further added that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and we condemned the act of terrorism with heart and soul. He said that terrorism is making the two countries apart, it has no religion, they are killer of humanity and we have to identify all those factors and try to eradicate them.

He added that, evidence should be collected against those factors that are responsible for terrorism and should be given punishment accordingly. He said both countries should solve their problems through talking and if they have consider themselves as enemy then they are making a big mistake.