Tahir ul Qadri Speaks in New Delhi

Tahir ul Qadri was speaking to the local press about the Pakistan and Indian relationship. He said Pakistan and India should solve their problems. He said teams will come and go all the time but other issues are more important, he said that they should talk about Pathan Ghost issue and Kashmir issue. He also said that terrorist groups are present in India well and they doing all these attacks. Pakistan and India should sit and solve their problems said by Qadri.

Head of Pakistani Awami Tehreek also known as Minhaj Ul Quran Dr. Tahir ul qadri has talked to the local press at his house in New Delhi. He said that cricket teams can’t go either countries or both country should encourage love among the people of both countries.

He said either Pathan Ghost or Mumbai attack both should be condemned and both have to solve their problems. He said both countries should respect their culture and pride. Both countries have natural resources they just have to realize that and use them for the betterment of the nations. He said that terrorism is a global issue and to tackle strategies should be combined as well.