Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah is a comedy sitcom that targets prime time family audience. This TV serial is currently hitting the charts of comedy in India and is running successfully on SAB TV since 2008. The show has a high score of 8.3 according to IMDB. With its 2000th episode that is supposed to be aired on 11th August 2016 which happens to be today, the viewers cannot deny the fact that this show definitely developed and got better with time. As we look back to the memories we have with this show it wont hurt no one if we share a few mistakes in the show that have been niggling us all this while.

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah

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 1.. A Mysterious Labyrinth Or An Architectural Delusion

The architectural design of the house in Tarak Mehta ka oolta chashmah has been bugging us for a while now. In some scenes Jethalals room has an attached bathroom but in other scenes the kitchen has a direct entry to Jethalals room. Is the room connected to the kitchen through a bathroom or what?

A Mystarious Labyrinth Or An Architectural Delusion

2. Who Exactly Is Bagha Playing?

So we cant really tell if this is cost cutting by the big production company or if the creators of this TV show love Baghas face too much to let him go. We believe our very own Bagha has too many doppelgangers in India. We sighted an auto driver, taxi driver, Rukhmani Bai’s husband , Tappus teacher and our very own Bagha in the sitcom who all looked very much alike.

Who Exactly Is Bagha Playing

3. Is The Bathroom Too Small Or Too Big?

So I don’t know if this is some sort of camera illusion or my eye sight needs to be fixed but Jethalals bathroom has been changing its size in different scenes. Some time the bathroom is too small and some times its too big.

Is The Bathroom Too Small Or Too Big

4. What’s The View From Daya Bhabhi’s Kitchen?

So Daya Bhabhi has a beautiful window that looks over a splendid view. But what exactly is the view?
In a few episodes the view from the kitchen window is of Gokuldham society and in others we get to see strange tall apartments.

What's The View From Daya Bhabhi's Kitchen

5. How Many Gates Lead To Gokuldham Society?

The society members have been using the front gate and the rear gate both in a number of episodes to exit and enter the Gokuldham society. In one episode a huge tempo jammed the front gate and the members were trapped inside with no way out. Are we supposed to believe the rear gate suddenly disappeared into thin air?

How Many Gates Lead To Gokuldham Society

6. The Tempo Jam

Though the directors really want us to believe that the tempo jam was a genuine problem and it had actually jammed the front gate with no way to push it out. We believe that the members of the Gokuldham society just needed to brainstorm and‘All the better to see you with my dear’.

The Tempo Jam

7. A Whole Generation Transformation

In the 8 years that this show has been running we have seen a lot of changes in the actors. Specially the Tappu Sena kids, who have grown from kids to young adolescents now without their parents aging one bit.

A Whole Generation Transformation

8. A Few Other Unanswered Questions!

We still have a few questions that have been boggling our mind for a while; Who is Abdul and where is he from? Is Dayas mother ever going to make a screen presence? What is going to happen to Popatlals marriage?

A Few Other Unanswered Questions!