The Decision to Let Musharraf Go is Wise says by Shaikh Rasheed

Leader of Awami Muslim league has spoken to the media before leaving to India; he says the decision to let Musharraf go is wise. He says the people who stood against it, where are they now! Why they did not stop him why they let him go. Then he says that establishment is controlling everything, they are taking care of the borders, democracy of the nation and most importantly our Prime Minister. Rangers are not enforced in Punjab and NAB is unable to arrest Khaqan Abbasi and 28 other people.

He said that he is touch with all the opposition leaders like Imran khan, Tahir ul Qadri and so on, and Pakistan People’s Party is also making contacts with people through Rahman Malik.

On answering one question he said that politics in Pakistan is done on daily wages as for example Bilawal Bhutto has given a statement and his father Asif Ali Zardari has awarded him the guard of honor, then he asked that which one is correct chose yourself.

He again emphasizes upon the enforcement of Rangers in Punjab and said that government of Punjab is not allowing Rangers to work in the province and NAB is not given approval to arrest Khaqan Abbasi and 28 others.