Top 18 Best upcoming Smart Phones in 2016

Top 18 Best upcoming Smart Phones in 2016

Certain phones possess the unique and enticing features that people wait for them to release. The year 2016 is going to be the exclusive for the new phones. It is recommended to wait for a bit and let the new phones come out. Different dates are expected for the different phones. In the following list down there, we will let you know the best new phones that you should own in the year 2016. Each has its own attribute that might suit you, therefore contemplation of each is necessary. Here are the top mobile phones that are going to be released soon.

Each mobile phone in this list has some special characters and attributes that will lure towards them easily. Some has looks while some has the durable specifications but it is rather important to choose the mobile phone that increases your daily productivity. The needs of the person vary from person to person and I am sure that there is a type for each of them out there. In my opinion, the competition to secure the first place is again in between the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. They are the best two phones in the world.

(1) Apple iPhone 7:

Apple iPhone 7

After the successful launch of iPhone 6 series, tech giant Apple is finalizing its next big product, iPhone 7, for the year 2016. Although, the release is projected to be in the month of September, like its predecessors. There are speculations that this phone will surely be a substantial step up for its design as compared to the previous one. Many big changes are rumored around regarding its new design. Fans are expecting the new D-jack Headphone along with the waterproofing ability. The screen changes are not yet confirmed whether will it get bigger or not. New phone will have the 2GB of substantial RAM and a faster processor.

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