Top 5 Banks And the Remuneration of Their Top Management

It is quite astonishing to know that the president of National Bank of Pakistan got 51% raise in his salary but the bank didn’t do well when it comes to share price. In the year, 2015 the share price goes down by 22% and still he got such a whopping increase in his remuneration plan. He received around Rs. 23.9 million in addition to his previous salary that was prevailing in 2014. The share price reached Rs. 54.04 which was around Rs.69.46 at the beginning of the year. NBP is a government owned institution.

1. United Bank Limited

Mr. Wajahat receives around Rs. 127.3 million in salary for the year, which is the highest amongst the all.

2. Muslim Commercial Bank

Muslim Commercial Bank is on the second spot for giving the highest salary to its CEO, which is Rs.84.7 million.

3. Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited pays around Rs.75.1 million in compensation to its CEO, Nauman Dar.

4. National Bank of Pakistan

As mentioned above, NBP is on the 4th spot on paying the highest salary to its CEO.

5. Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank pays around Rs.46.3 million to its CEO, Mr. Tariq Mehmood. He got a raise of 7% as compared to the last year.