In this drastically changing world where you are more dependent on the technology and more particularly on your mobile phone, you certainly require a long and reliable battery timing to perform your day to day tasks. No matter which profession you are associated from, you won’t say no to Long Battery life. Due to heavy usage and clock speed of your mobile’s processor, it requires a higher power supply. There is some rare quantity of phones that maintains the long battery life. Following are the top 6 new mobiles phones that are reliable and have long battery life.

Top 6 New Mobile Phones with Long Battery Life in 2016

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5:-

This mobile phone is one of the most efficient battery timings as it possesses the battery of 3000mAh. This device also has the support of fast charging feature. This is one of the latest mobile devices in market. It can be used for straight 8 hours for browsing purposes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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