India is considered to be a country of people who have intense dislike or hatred for the LGBT community. Coming out is never easy for anyone but it is specially hard for citizens like Naina who are not comfortable in their own skin, yet they know that their own homeland will never accept them for being who they really are. The inspiring story of Naina, India’s youngest transgender will give you goosebumps.


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Meet Naina, a 17 year old who was originally born as a boy named Krishna. Krishna struggled with her self in her early years, knowing she was not meant to be a boy. Her mother was very supportive of her decision and at the age of 16, he transitioned into Naina.

Naina Youngest Transgender 2016

Since a young age, Naina always preferred women’s clothes over boy’s and also preferred the company of girls. With unconditional support from her mother Mishi, Krishna came out as Naina in her school assembly. It was a very courageous act and Naina was brave enough to let the world know who she really is. Regardless of the trial and troubles she has faced throughout her life, she is still going strong and lives her life as a normal teenager. She is a role model for transgenders all around the world.