Travelling Through Facebook Easier than Your own Car, FB Introduce a Fabulous Service

San Francesco: It is seen in our country that majority of the population is deprived of their own rides and the concept of lift is very rare. Facebook has taken a huge step, it is working on a project to overcome this problem by providing its users the facility of lift.

Under the Ride Sharing platform, Facebook will provide convenience to people by allowing people to share information such as the presence or absence of a car and capacity to take people with them.

Travelling Through Facebook Easier than Your own Car

For instance, all guests will be able to share available information on an event page, that will be total number of guests expected, and vehicles which have a capacity to provide lift or not. Thus the information of those providing lift and those in need of the facility would be at one place.

Facebook will not only provide the facility of lift, but according to users mood, would link people together too. Particularly, information relating to travel together like same musical tastes will be given priority. The easiest routes to the venue will also be provided. Technological experts say that such a service would be very useful to the users.

Travelling Through Facebook Easier than Your own Car 1