Two More Persons Join Mustafa Kamal; Wasim aftab and Iftikhar Alam

Last week Mustafa Kamal returned to Pakistan and has done a press conference. In which he put some major allegation about the Mqm and their chief altaf Hussain. He said that they are working with raw agency of India. He also said that Mqm is being funded and trained by RAW. In his press conference he announced to start a new political party and he uses the flag of Pakistan as a flag of his party.

Recently Dr Sagheer has joined hands with Mustafa Kamal and now two more personality have joined hands with Mustafa Kamal. Wasim aftab and Iftikhar Alam the well-known personality has also joined hands with Mustafa Kamal new party.

Wasim aftab was a former member of rabta committee and was in charge of Karachi tanzeemi committee ktc. Iftikhar alam is a member of Sindh assembly from PS-106. Mustafa Kamal has warmly welcomed both of them in his party and has invited them to join the cause.

Mustafa Kamal said in his conference on Thursday, that people are making move towards him and the addition of these two persons will make their position very strong. He welcomed them with all his heart.