Uber, finally launched in Pakistan

The speculation of the launch was surrounding around since last year and Uber has shown its intention to instigate the services in the developing country. All these have to reality today as the Commuting giant has started its services in Pakistan. People are now can travel in a safe and comfortable ride with affordable fares.

The international representor of Uber, Loic Amado, has talked about this launch and said that the Uber was watching the potential market of Pakistan. He further said that the people are quite excited to use the services and it could be a great problem solver for them when it comes to travelling.

According to Loic, the Uber is going to be a great solution for the people of Lahore. He said that this service will help to fill the transportation gap.

For now, Uber is confined to the city of Lahore, but the company has shown a great intent to spread out its operation to the entire country. After Lahore, the company will surely target the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi, which has the most complex transportation network. Islamabad roads will also see the Uber services soon.

The company is also greatly creating the jobs as already they have received tons of applications for the jobs. Loic explained that the drivers are also seeing this initiative as favorable for them. The plan is simple that is to utilize the idle vehicles of the private car owners as well as the renting services.

Another relevant feature for the people of Pakistan is the pricing of Uber. Loic mentioned that the aim of the company is to shift the people of Pakistan to a safer mode transportation in affordable prices. Base fare is around $0.95 with a variable rate of $0.13 per kilometer and $0.04 per minute. It is estimated to be $2.60 for a 10 km ride.