Uber Has Launched Free Service in Lahore

Travelling in the country like Pakistan is very difficult and people have great difficulty in travelling alone specially girls and women. But now uber has been launched in Pakistan. This app allows you to travel in very safely and they have some awesome cabs. And the driver has to submit their driving license and ID card.

Uber has launched their service in Lahore for free and people have taken advantage of it very clearly. It has become so popular that cabs were not available for every one and they have shortage of cabs in the city. Now the offer has ended but people can still travel for free by using the promotion cards of uber.

People are considering traveling through uber, because it is very safe and people who were not able to travel because of their security reasons they will certainly use this application.

Uber Has Launched Free Service in Lahore Promotion Code

Uber is becoming a new revolution in market of transportation, and because of its safety and comfort people will consider it on other transport. For the use of uber you just simply have to download the app and signup. Those who sign up to the app, can use a code which will give them free transport for 1000 Rupees.