Unexpected Withdrawal of PTI Candidate from NA-245

By Polling elections were conducted in the constituency of National Assembly seat 245. Although, MQM has a strong expectation of winning this seat as in 2013, they won it in style by getting almost the double votes from the runner up candidate. People in this constituency voted the MQM in 2013 with having the 33% of the total turn out. In this by election, MQM as well as other parties didn’t run any campaign that eventually dropped the turnout to only 11%. But, hours before this election of NA 245, something unexpected and unprecedented happened. It was completely out of the blue as the candidate of PTI has backed out form this competition due to some disagreements with the party. He only not resigned from the membership of the PTI but also joined the rival party of MQM. The disagreement with the policy of PTI is not a new thing and many PTI politicians does that but joining the MQM was quite shocking and unprecedented. Mr. Amjadullah, who was supposed to represent the PTI in this election announced his retirement from the party just hours before. He has some serious confliction with the policy of the party as no local leadership participated in the campaign of this by election. While talking to the media he said that the PTI seemed to have no interest in this constituency as there no cooperation or involvement from the local leaders of PTI. He has also some concerns with the party head of PTI, Mr. Imran Khan. He complained that the leader didn’t ask me a single time regarding this by election. He was highly disappointed with the behavior of the some of the party leaders towards him and other such personnel.

Amjadullah on Wednesday, at the headquarters of MQM, Nine Zero 90, announced his decision in favor of the MQM as he withdraws his name from this constituency. MQM also appreciated his decision as the party social media wing tweeted a post that the PTI candidate has joined the kite, a symbol of Trust.

There were some personal issues of Amjadullah with the party head as he criticized the behavior of Imran Khan for neglecting him and his contribution for the party. Amjadullah also claimed that the PTI has not provided the sufficient funds to run the election campaign of this BY election. This was the core problem and issue for Amjadullah.

Kamran Haider of MQM also appreciated the decision of Amjadullah for choosing the MQM over PTI, through his tweet.

Many other supporters of MQM also appreciated and honored the decision of former PTI candidate and also welcomed him.

While talking to the press conference at nine zero, Amjadullah also passed a remarks on the political skills of Imran Khan. He said that Imran Khan is not compatible for the politics instead he should focus on his welfare work. He also said that Imran Khan is good person but as far as leading the party is concerned he is not a fit person. After this withdrawal, MQM won this constituency with a wider margin as compared to before.