Unwarranted criticism, says Chaudhry Nisar

Critics have not read the National Action Plan itself, the disease is made scandal, Pakistan passport office will be established in each district: Chaudhry

Islamabad; Interior Minister, Nisar Ali Khan said that because of unwarranted criticism, we are losing the psychological war, it has bolstered the agenda of terrorists, war is psychologically important.

Speaking at the press conference, Nisar said that the fight against terrorism is continued, the most important is the psychological aspect, but certain people of PPP are supporting terrorist agenda, Wars are fought on both sides, if we’re going to blow to the terrorists, there would be returned terrorist action, but one terrorist attack and storm is announced. Nisar added that those who didn’t read the Action Plan are passing comments and spent their 5 years of government sleeping. Operation Zarb-e-Azab is being promoted as part of the National Action Plan, but role of army in the plan is limited. In the past government during a year, more than 2500 were martyred which were reduced to 700 and have come down to 400 in the past year. Only 2 major events in 2014, and last year 1 big event shows that after the National Action plan, the security situation has improved substantially, terrorist network has been destructed.

Minister said that if someone does not like his face, they shall talk to him about it, he will answer. Opposition parties are in the government, he doesn’t criticize them. It is time to bring in those people who are politically point-scoring.

He further said that during his health issues, people made fun of his disease. In his absence from the senate, Privilege motion was brought in the Senate, grateful for the chairman who didn’t allow.