Veena Malik Visited Bacha Khan University (2)

Patriotism has no limits and lets you take it to the level at which you don’t care about your own life. Lollywood actress Veena Malik visited the Bacha Khan University in order to mourn the event of the massacre. She reached the place after the University was again opened for the students. Particularly, she visited the place to participate in the Quran Khawani and the special peace walk, organized in the memory of 22 individuals who have lost their lives in that horrible incident.

As she returns from Bollywood after the controversial jobs, she made a statement that she will work for the human rights in the Pakistan and also for the social causes. She managed to produce a song for the APS victims and she has plans to visit the premises as well.
The university was closed for almost seven days as the devastating event was held. The gates were opened by the administration of the University but within the heavy security. Before she arrived to the campus, many other diverse people were also gathering around to attend the Quran Khawani.

She talked to the media and condemned the brutal and cowardly attack on the students.