Virat Kohli retired from the World of Cricket

Virat Kohli is way too young to achieve such an appreciation and accomplishments as he is currently the number no.1 batsman of the world. The shocking news has come after the end of the World Cup as Virat Kohli announced his retirement. He blamed his health as being the biggest constraint for continuing his cricket career.

He gave a shocking statement to the BCCI in which he explained that why he is retiring form the cricket so soon. He said that he has been recently diagnosed with a stress-induced cardiomyopathy. He tested for it after he experienced some serious chest pains.

West Indies has won the semifinal against India after a thrilling competition. The last over of that fixture was bowled by Virat Kohli. He conceded a painful sixer when the West Indies team was in need of 3 runs in 3 bowls.

Virat gave a very emotional statement in which he asked for a forgiveness for not playing up to the mark. He blamed himself for that loss.
Many Indians are sad for this news

APRIL FOOL, you just got fooled. Virat is fine and will play for India. It was just a joke, don’t take it seriously.