West Indies Cricket Board Opposed Sammy’s Statement

West Indies has just won the T20 World Cup but the confliction between the Caribbean board and players are still there. Fans were expecting that this disagreement would be neutralized after the big world cup win but instead of deterioration, it has been stimulated. Danny Sammy, the captain of West Indies Cricket team, has given a negative and harsh statement regarding the West Indies Cricket Board. In reaction to that, the board also released a formal opposition statement against the Daren Sammy.

West Indies board must have been happy with the performances of the players as the both, the men and women team have won the T20 World Cup. Board is clearly not happy with the harsh words said by the captain in the post-match interview. Daren Sammy seem to be dissatisfied with the behavior of the board and he unleashed his years of frustration in that interview.

Sammy has the agenda of this opposition as he opposed the pay scale policy of the board. He also said that the behavior of the board members is disrespectful for the players and they don’t recognize the attributes of the players. Although, Sammy appreciated the good luck message from the Prime Minister of Grenada, before the match.

Due to the deteriorated financial situation of the West Indies board, there have been numerous compensatory disputes occurred between players and the board.

Indian Premier League and other prominent leagues have also played part in these disputes as from these leagues, the West Indies Players can earn way more than their Cricket board.