Top 7 Whatsapp Tips And Tricks Every User Should Know!

Whatsapp user base is very rapidly expanding and it is predicted that it will not be long before it reaches one billion. Obviously it is not possible for each of these users to be familiar with each and every tip and trick that Whatsapp has to offer. In fact, there are many seasoned users who too are not intimately familiar with everything there is to know about Whatsapp.

There are so many features that would help us to use Whatsapp in a better manner if we only knew how. Here are some of them:

1. Prevent pictures from Auto-saving

By default, every picture or video received through Whatsapp is saved in the phone’s picture gallery. Especially if you are part of a group, you can end up with several unnecessary or unwanted pictures, which only use up your phone’s limited memory. To prevent pictures from being saved automatically, go to Settings > Chat and then switch off “Save Incoming Media”.

2. Send your complete address

To share your complete address click on the arrow on the left side, and then choose Share Location. You can share your current location or the location of your closest business.

3. When was the message read?

A single tick appears in front of a message as soon as it is successfully send. When the message reaches the recipient, it is converted to a double tick, which will then become blue as soon as the message has been read by your intended recipient. To determine the exact time the message was read, simply select the message and tap the clock that appears above. You will get to find out the exact message sending time as well as the time at which the message was read. You can also find out this information by swiping the message to your left.

4. Disabling read receipt

Disable the message read receipt by going to Settings > Account > Privacy.

5. Hiding Last Seen

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen and select the options. If you do not want anyone to see the last time you saw their message, you too will not able to see the last time anyone else saw your messages.

6. Mute Group Chat

Group messages can get very annoying especially if a group is very active and there are a lot of messages being exchanged. Simply tap on the name of the group, and select Mute. You will then be presented with a list of options, asking you to select the duration for which you want the group conversation to be muted. You will not get notifications for your chosen duration, but you will be able to see the messages if you choose to check them.

7. Whatsapp on your Computer

Incase you missed it, you can use whatsapp on your computer! computer now.