Wi-Fi Technology Has Been Improved A Lot

Many people utilize Wi-Fi to connect their mobile phones in order to connect to the world. But the real problem is that it consumes a lot of the battery time. It literally eats up the battery. Now, a new advancement has been made to eradicate this problem. Experts have find a way to minimize the usage of the battery whilst using the Wi-Fi. A new Wi-Fi named as the Ultra-lower power Wi-Fi, has been introduced.

While comparing it to the existing low power Bluetooth and ZigBee, this new Wi-Fi will consume 1000 times less of the battery power, which is just outstanding and a real problem solver. According to an article in the Daily Mail, this new Wi-Fi has been invented by the experts of Washington University. Assistant Professor and the head of the team experts of Washington University, Mr. Shyam Gollakota, said that the aim was to build a new revolutionary Wi-Fi system that consumes absolutely no power at all but due to some constraints, the team have abled to come up with this low power consumption system. This new system will run on almost 10,000 times less energy consumption. The speed will also be the same.