Windows 10 adds Dropbox to repertoire 1

Windows 10 is beginning to enhance itself by integrating many well-known apps. The most recent addition in its repertoire is Dropbox, which includes some nifty features so that you do not have to keep using the Web interface so often.

The app is minimal and builds on Microsoft’s universal platform, allowing you to easily use the app on phones using the Microsoft operating system.

Windows 10 adds Dropbox to repertoire 2

A new feature that has been added in support for Windows Hello which means that you will be able to add an additional layer to security to your files using your iris, fingerprint or your face, depending on the hardware included in your machine.

Windows 10 adds Dropbox to repertoire

Many other features have also been added, such as:

  • Jump lists allow you to access your recent files quickly
  • You can easily accept requests to share folders through interactive notifications
  • Quickly adding and deleting files by dragging and dropping both inside and outside the app