Black Friday has become a shopping staple across the world and has recently set its roots in the country. Last year, Daraz brought the worldwide shopping phenomenal event to Pakistan for the first time ever and got quite successful. However, very few eCommerce startups and online stores had the tenacity back then to compete with Daraz for the Black Friday event. 2016 has made a ripe and steadfast competition in the eCommerce shopping sector and they are all competing for a piece of Black Friday sales. But among them all, the ultimate war for the top spot is between Yayvo and Daraz.

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Yayvo vs Daraz – Black Friday Wars


Even though Daraz has had prior experience to the shopping event, having a competitor like Yayvo – a TCS backed venture, makes this all the more interesting. It has actually given shoppers in Pakistan food for thought on which online store to consider for their shopping needs. Yayvo has not only become a main staple in online shopping, it is targeting Yayvo Black Friday with all might thus giving people an exceptional choice that they would not have before. This benefit Pakistanis as they can compare the services and offers from both sides of the aisle and take their best option possible. Let’s analyze and compare two mega online shopping giants and their quest to take the Black Friday throne in 2016.

Black Friday Products & Categories


The biggest intention of customers is to shop for their desired products on Black Friday. This includes high quality merchandise that would normally be unavailable at a purchasable rate due to their income. Black Friday has been popular for the reason of offering products from various niches and categories to people, including the latest items. Yayvo has shared about 14 categories like Men/Women Fashion, Computing, Gadgets, Home & Living, Smartphones and others that will get the Black Friday treatment this November. However, Daraz has not shared these specifics on their launch page.


Given their past record, they are slated to include products that pertain solely to the latest and recent items. Yayvo has, in this case, taken the upper hand as they are targeting both new and old products to get more sales on Black Friday.

Black Friday Mega Discounts


If both parties do not have an impressive level of discounts to go with their esteemed product line, then they would basically be handing the reigns of success to their competitor. Discounts are a major separating factor for customers to decide which Black Friday event in Pakistan they will be attending- Daraz or Yayvo. Daraz was initially offering 60%-70% discount to its online shoppers which is a great step from last year where 50% was their highest offered rate. set a major upheaval in its discounts, stating that they will be available up to 80% – the biggest discount ever to be seen offered by any eCommerce store in Pakistan. Given their previous event like GOSF (Google Online Shopping Festival), they did offer gaming consoles at exactly such rate which goes to show that they are more than capable of setting up such discounts – and Daraz knows it; which is why they also changed their stance to 80% discounts later on.

Black Friday Brand Sponsors


This one actually resulted in a tie so far – few sponsors have been disclosed so far by both Yayvo and Daraz for Black Friday. Sponsorship is a major boost for any online shopping conglomerate as it gives them the sole rights to display that brands products on their site. Brands get a lot of attention and bring their respective fans and followers and draw them out on a high scale. Although Daraz has taken some notable brands like Sunsilk, Ponds and QMobile as its sponsors, Yayvo has taken an array of already known brands like Dove and new ones like Bold.

Black Friday Payment Partners


A new form of discounts for Black Friday is being offered through the actual payment systems that are used to transfer money for the orders. Yayvo had implemented this payment option with Jazz Cash in GOSF while at the same time Daraz did the same with EasyPaisa. Both have taken that partnership to new heights by partnering with them for Black Friday event in Pakistan. Jazz Cash is the main partner for Yayvo in Black Friday by giving discounts to anyone for payment transfer through mobile accounts, Jazz Cash agent and debit/credit card. But they have also collaborated with banks like MCB so that people can get some percentage of discounts through them as well.

Daraz has not only partnered with EasyPaisa for this occasion but with multiple banks like Standard Chartered, Meezan, JS Bank including MCB. Daraz has also set the discount rates that shoppers can gain by them which are from 15%-20% that could be another spike in discounts on already discounted prices.

So which one is better when it comes to Black Friday? Honestly, this will be the Grand Slam competition between the two eCommerce companies as they are trying to up the ante on each other every single day. Only time will tell which one has grabbed the top prize this November after the Black Friday is over.  Right now – You be the judge!!





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