Finally YouTube Blocked Blasphemous Content in Pakistan

YouTube has finally taken the step of blocking blasphemous content from being accessed in Pakistan, after years of refusing to do so. The move is believed to be an outcome of the pressure exerted by the Pakistani government for the same.

YouTube and the Pakistani government have recently reached an agreement after which a tailored version of the video sharing website was launched for Pakistan. This localized version will deliver content customized for the Pakistani market.

YouTube introduces Localized version for Pakistan

YouTube had been blocked by the Pakistani government in 2012 after it declined to pull down some videos that were deemed blasphemous. The ban persisted for three years without any move to unblock it, despite protests on the part of digital rights activists who felt that this was an attack on the principles of free speech. Part of the reason why it took so long for YouTube to take this step was laziness on the part of the Pakistani government who seemed reluctant to overturn the ban and reach an amicable solution with YouTube. The government changed in 2013, and after negotiations with both YouTube and digital rights activists the ban has finally been overturned.

Presently, ISPs have allowed their users to access the formerly banned website, but it still requires Supreme Court review.