ZONG’s New Double Volume Offer

ZONG has introduced the new offer for internet or data-sims. Internet or data-sim is such a sim that doesn’t facilitate calls, rather it’s only used for internet and SMS. These data-sims are also used in WINGLE and WIFI devices.

Under the newly introduced bundle, 4 GB to 100 GB of data can be used on a monthly fixed price.

ZONG’s New Double Volume Offer New

Details of the internet sim bundle;

  • Tax is included in the prices
  • Offer is valid till 29th February, 2016
  • ‘Goodnight’ offer can only be availed when the user has subscribed to any bundle
  • Data is limited to 1 GB in the ‘goodnight’ offer
  • From 1am at night to 9am in the morning, data will not be consumed from user’s original bundle
  • User’s data bundle will be consumed after 1 GB has finished
  • The period of ‘Goodnight’ offer will be the same as original bundles on other days.

Users can subscribe to Internet sim bundle and ‘goodnight’ offer by dialing *6666*