ZTE launched a new Blade V580 in Japan

Mobile manufacturing company ZTE has launched its brand new mobile phone in Japan with whopping new features and configuration. This is the second Blade phone named as Blade V580. The appearance of this new phone is a lot alike the prior launches of the ZTE phone particularly the ZTE Blade V-Plus, the Australian version. The configuration and the specification of the phonies quite amazing and will surely surpass the customers as it includes the 5.5 inch of big screen. This screen is high definition with improved Dpi. The processor of the phone is quite strong as it includes the 3.1 MHz of MT 6753 8 core processor. The ram is very reasonable as it has the 2GB memory while the internal memory is 16 GB.

The phone is just practical as it has the dual ports for the 2 Sim cards. It also includes the 4 GLTI support. The battery life of this phone is phenomenal as it has the whopping battery of 3000mAh. The rear camera of the phone is 13 mega pixels while the front camera is comprised of 5 mega pixel of specification. Front camera has been specifically designed for the selfies. It also includes the fingerprint scanner as well.